Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stranded (Christmas Movie Edition!)

Here we are- it is the last Stranded Post for 2016!

As always, I link up with Erika and Shay HERE

This month, we were tasked with listing our 3 Christmas Movies we would have on the island.

Well I guess that means we will have a TV or tablet or something with power to watch and enjoy right?  Hey this is a fantasy post anyway so anything is possible ;)

Here are my three that I can't live without

The one...the only...Christmas Vacation
This one never gets old for our family and my hubby quotes Clark all year long...I love in October when he also adds to the quotes, "Won't be long's almost Griswold Time!"  
We thoroughly enjoy this movie and it would bring me pure joy and giggles while stranded ;)

You know I need to be surrounded by romance and this challenge was tough for me because I have so many favorite Christmas Romance movies thanks to Hallmark.  I narrowed it down though and would have to say "Love At The Christmas Table" would definitely be one choice. I love that the movie shows you Christmas Eve every year...the romance...the traditions...and the leading characters are so lovable

and I would have to also say The 12 Dates of Christmas
I love how the leading character has to keep trying to get things right- she needed to learn to shift the focus off herself and think about others- do right by others- be kind and generous and by the end she certainly does and also gets the guy (which is the bonus!)

There ya have it- can't wait to see which Christmas movies you would bring along!


Kristi Griedl said...

Love 12 dates of Christmas!! I found it on Netflix this year and it's so cute! Plus Mark Paul and Amy Smart?! Yes!! Love "Love at the Christmas Table" too - the scene where they dance throughout the house and outside - so magical!!

"The Mrs." said...

What a great list. 2 that I haven't seen...we will have to add them to our list! Thanks for sharing!

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