Friday, January 6, 2012

Insta Friday

life rearranged

 Nothing says fun more than "Hello Kitty Tattoos" :)

or a sparkly belt and ballet flats to jazz up an outfit? (someone is insistent on picking out her own clothes nowadays...sometimes it works...sometimes not so much)

So many of my blog friends are fortunate enough to have Trader Joe's practically in their backyards (California is so ahead of us when it somes to healthy, organic eating) ...anyway...I made the 30 minute trip last week to pick up some organic treasures
New Year's Eve nails...must be platinum!
A toast with my hubby before the big shindig at Chuck and Alice's :)
One last time to enjoy our Christmas decorations

When picking up Diana at Grammy and Papa's on New Year's Day...she showed off her new doll house!

and later on, it was time for one more traditional Italian feast at Mum and Dad's (before the weight loss happens again) is the fam enjoying the Pat's win

Monday we enjoyed a holiday...took down all of the Christmas decorations (depressing)....did some overdue cleaning (ugh) and enjoyed some snuggle time....oh and introduced Diana to the "Pez" of her Christmas treats from Grammy and Papa

Dress Ups

Blueberry Monkey Bread

Oh so tired...

Hair extensions like Mimi's!!!

Hope you had a great week...we did but glad we are back to some normalcy and me crazy!  I think the kids actually crave it too!

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