Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Diana (at almost 3 and a half!)

Dear Diana,

You are almost three and a half but you are telling everyone that you are 5!  (hysterical).  Why do we think you are picking the number 5?  It is because Daddy told you that you could have gum and "earrins" as you call them when you turn 5.  So now you are trying to convince everyone including yourself that you are already there!

I have been thinking alot about how fast time flies and how quickly things change.  I remember when Daddy had you on his lap when you were only a month and two months and three months old...and he would sing "Can't Touch This" and move your little chubby legs all around like you were dancing like MC Hammer...we would all laugh and you loved you won't remember, you were quite sick and cried most of the time but that was one of the special times when you stayed so quiet and looked so happy and peaceful and out of pain!

More recently, I remember that every time we got in the car and strapped you into your car seat, you would immediately take your shoes off and your socks and do sock puppets like Ally taught you.  It was so annoying every time we got to our destination because I would have to put both socks and both shoes back on before getting you out of your seat and yet now, I wish just once, you would do it again...funny how that happens.

I flash back to the night Mimi and Papa saw you in the exercauser for the fist time.  All I did was plop you in there and I thought they were going to die...they laughed so hard and squealed like you had just written the  next constitution.  I also remember the hours of joy that the exercauser brought you ad the time it gave me to get my job done from home and a true gift that I never took for granted.

Now you like to say "remember when I was a little tiny baby....." and I say "yes" and you say things like "I liked Elmo"....and "I was scared of "Dumpty" aka Humpty Dumpty" It kills is like you are 35 talking about when you were 1...ha ha!!!

You are such a girl.  You are still obsessed with lip gloss "pink" and nail polish and makeup, jewelry, matching accessories...Strawberry Shortcake...Hello Kitty...Angelina Balerina...Dora...Olivia...and shoes shoes shoes!!!  You even want to change one million times a love putting on different outfits (especially comfy stretchies) and then adding boots and bows and makeup oh my!

"Our" new favorite movie is Ramona and Beezus.  Thanks to you, I am completely addicted- it has become my new favorite movie and we often watch it together on Friday nights before you go to bed.

You have done wonderful with potty training but our next step is to be able to go without a pull up over night and keep your bed obstacle/next challenge/we will get there...eventually?

You still like your good old stand bys like chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and grilled cheese but you have been much better about trying new things and as a result, you are a big fan of salad and all kinds of fruit now.

For music, you have become a fan of Adelle "Madell", Lady Gaga and Rianna although you also think the name for a woman's private part is also Rianna...I can't even think about that without giggling uncontrollably.

Your best pal from school, Maxwell, is no longer with you and that has been a sad thing for you to go through recently.  Maxwell was a big part of your security there and you still talk about him every day.  We are going to try and set up some play dates because he was such a special friend of yours.

You have declared, however, that you want to go to arestaurant and take all of  your friends for dinner...Daddy asked, "who is coming" and you proceeded to list your friends and family: Maxwell, Alexis....Alice....Uncle Matt...Gina.....and then Daddy said "your caris not big enough" and you replied...""I am going to drive Mama's car" flippin cute.

You asked me the other day, "When I get bigger, can be a boss?" My reply?  "You already are."

I love you my Baby Bird xoxo


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