Monday, January 30, 2012

Awaken The Night

There is a band called Sub 7 and The Undead and they wrote a show called Awaken The Night.  The show is built around their music that tells a haunting story about vampires. 

My stepdaughter Kayla told us she was getting involved in the production and we encouraged her because we are musical theater buffs....well my hubby is the music buff and I the theater buff and together we appreciate and have passion or music and theater.

To make a long story short and a small world smaller...while chatting in my office one day..I discovered that one of my employees was also in the show.  (The reason she is working for us started back with a theatrical production as she was our choreographer in Windham on Broadway last year) "Jack Attack" and "Kay" met each other through this production and we finally got to enjoy it this Saturday night.

Here are some awesome pix that Rob captured.  (Keep in mind that this show had the perfect backdrop as the group performed it in a small theater in Salem, MA right across the street from one of the famous witch appropriate! so artistic)


Jodi@ said...

not into vampires... BUT,
I love theater and I love music. so I can totally appreciate! :o)

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