Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting To Know You 2012

Me A to Z: 2012

(I look forward to reading all of your lists too!)

A. age : 38

B. bed size : Queen
C. chore you hate : Ironing
D. dogs :  We had to put our beloved bulldog Bambi down in 2011- we still miss her- no more dogs planned for 2012

E. essential start to your day : Coffee- Church
F. favorite color : Pink (of course)

G. gold or silver :Silver OR White Gold OR Platinum ;)
H. height : 5'5"

I. instruments you play : None.  Sadly. Like to sing though
J. job title : Have 4: Wife, Mommy, Stepmom & Sales Director
K. kids : Diana, Zach, Ally  & Kayla

L. live : Windham NH
M. middle name :I plead the fifth!

N. nicknames: Binda, Sweetheart, Holls
O. overnight hospital stays : One week after having Diana...dreaded it but ended up not wanting to leave..they took such great care of me!
P. pet peeve : Rude, selfish, ignorant people (yeah I think that sums it up!)
Q. quote : "Do what you know is right and the rest will fall into place"

R. righty or lefty : Lefty...yes I know I am odd
S. siblings : 1, brother Matt, wish we were closer
T. time you wake up :4:45am or 5:00am depending on if it is a church day or gym day

U. university attended : University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

V. vegetables you dislike: turnips

W. what makes you run late : I rarely if ever do but I would say circumstances outside of my control

X. x-rays you’ve had :: dental; pregnancy related ones
Y. yummy food : Sushi; chocolate
Z. zoo animal favorite : the otters and the penquins :)


Jodi@ said...

Your middle name can't be THAT bad! I'm w/ you on the chocolate, but not the sushi... ;o)

some of my favorite memories involve following my GrandPa down to his vegetable garden. He would find me a good, sweet turnip root, wash it off at the spigot and let me eat it like an apple! haha!

I think I may do this.

Great to find out stuff about our blogging friends. :o)

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