Friday, January 13, 2012

Current Favorite Things

Ramona and Beezus...Diana and I have watched this movie like 100+ times already

This video?  Laugh dead on and oh so me?  (well a long time ago!) ha ha!!!

The Cappellacci Salad at Tuscan Kitchen (you can still do healthy and low fat Italian with style my peeps)

Lady Gaga's Perfume for MAC called Truquatic

Joe's LF Creamy Cilantro Dressing (new fave on salads, fish tacos, etc)

Fun words of wisdom and sayings I get from friends that are OH...SO...TRUE

Hot chocolate bonding time with the kiddos...we gossiped...laughed and just chilled thanks to our new Swiss Miss K Cups from Daddy :)

My Fitness Pal...awesome website...awesome tool...helps me to keep on track! (and also ensures that I don't go over 1200 calories/day)

Dance Moms...I know I know..pathetic BUT can'  ha ha

One of my awesome Christmas new Michael Kors Metallic Handbag...devine


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