Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Belly laughs with my family...usually because "Uncle Matt" is doing a dead on impression of "Papa Pete" when he doesn't understand what Diana is asking for...flippin hysterical

More business

Modern Family...the show keeps getting better and better

Diana's dance class...there is nothing like watching two year olds dance and have the same time, it is so fun bonding with other moms..already have play dates set up and birthday parties to attend!

My hubby cooking dinner...delish and a nice break

Being able to pull off skinny jeans...bought them for the heck of it at GAP and did not gag when I looked at myself...paired them with some awesome gray flannel embellished ballet flats, hot pink ruffle jacket and embellished tank and I am good to go!

DKNY woman

being invited to my cousin's wedding...not only being invited but having our entire family included..a true honor and something that touched me more than they will ever know

HCG...let's give it a whirl

Bonding time with Zack


Lindsay said...

LOVE Modern Family! So funny.

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