Saturday, March 26, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance 2011

It was one of the best moments of our lives. The Daddy Daughter dance is a wonderful event that is put on each year by the Recreation Department of the town of Windham, NH. It is only a 6 year old tradition but one that became quickly popular and sells out each year. It is sad that not every little girl gets to partake and knowing this, Cass and I waited in line outside for two hours (in the cold) to get out tix and it was SO WORTH IT.

The girls had an absolute blast at the Castleton last night..the dads on the other hand? Though they were trying to keep up with the girls all night and didn't even get one slow dance together, felt it was worth it when they saw the smiles on their little girls' faces.

It was so fun getting Diana ready- I painted her nails...did her hair up and curled it and even gave her a little makeup so she could feel special.

She was OUT OF CONTROL ALL DAY! From the moment she woke up, she was saying "going to the dotty dance" hysterical! No nap...just dancing and singing and YELLING all day long!

Diana is lucky she is loved so much...she got a special visit from Mimi, Papa Pete, Papa Bob and Grammy...everyone was so excited to see her all dressed up.

She and Daddy also wore flowers from Delahunty's (who I must add, did such a wonderful job!)

Once at the dance, Diana was so excited to be with her Pal will see the video montage soon but for now, enjoy the pix :)


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