Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Voice class and discovering that I can sing a ballad...grateful for Annie in Annie Get Your Gun and the song They Say It's Wonderful which is becoming my new audition piece- can't believe I am writing that!

A fun-filled time at Imagine that with Jules and fam...watching the joy in Diana's face and knowing she is at her happiest is priceless...and getting to spend quality time with one of my besties at the same time is also priceless!

The strength to do without chocolate this lent (so far so good- God please continue to help me!)

The wonderful priest at morning mass and our pastor at St Matt's on Sundays

Business continuing to pick up...pray that my brother can find a new job soon

Sales at Old Navy

Dinner with a dear that always makes me want to be a better that inspires thankful that PTA brought us together years ago

The drama at the Breton household this week...what else is new right? It truly makes me laugh so hard...Bambi tried to leave us..not sure where she thought she would find something better but it caused mass chaos...Ally (being 18) took it upon herself to go to the police station...Rob was roaming the neighborhoods...Zack even went into the scary because we live on a main road but thankful to the woman who picked her up and brought her to the Dog Officer...$40 later she is home...ugh but kinda funny and thankful she is home...when the time is right, want to have the chance to say goodbye :(


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