Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Stepmother's Love

"I suppose it could be said that while a biological mother’s love is innate, a stepmother’s love is a giant step toward a love few of us dare to imagine." Doug

Thanks Doug. I often remind myself of how brave I was to take that step several years ago. I thought about it today when I picked up the mail and a giant package from URI was sitting there with the words "U R IN"- my stepdaughter's 1st choice- the school I brought her to.

I thought about it again today as I rubbed my stepson's back in the doctor's office and helped him so he would not pass out.

I then took serious instructions from the doctor with a pain in my heart. I posed as his mother today again and also realized once again, that I am not. I am the fill in. I am there when they need me and then I have to smile and nod and pretend everything is okay when she doesn't thank me.

How many women run away from situations like this? I am sure many more than the ones that are brave like me- brave to face the rejection and brave to be second choice.

As a wise person once said, however, "I may play second fiddle but my music is beautiful."

My Stepchildren and I on South Beach in Martha's Vineyard- 2005


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