Sunday, March 13, 2011

Imagine That!

My dear friend Julie suggested that we finally put a date on the calendar...since life gets so crazy especially with the kiddos, we need to make a better effort at getting together. She suggested going to Imagine That where the kids can jump and run and actually explore and learn! Well! What a fantastic idea!

We also realized that Imagine That is a part of the Little Sprouts family and as you know, Little Sprouts has not let us down!

Diana had SO MUCH FUN with Caiden and Sara. She loved to simulate grocery shopping and sending mail at the post office but her favorite was the slide and her and Caiden were so cute...they went down a MILLION times together...sometimes even holding hands!

Playing bongos with Daddy

Diana was a pro at grocery shopping! (wonder why?) ha ha!

You've Got Mail!

Playing Drums with Sara!

Her favorite- going down the slide a MILLION times with Caiden :)

Great time :)


irishmum09 said...

Holly this looks like such a great place! Where is it located?

Holly said...

Hi! It's in lawrence, MA. Exit #43 off 495-right above Salvatore's Restaurant on Merrimack St

irishmum09 said...

Great!! I'll have to check it out, thanks Holly!

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