Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday Favorites

This has been a tough one- after the girls got their flu shots, they ended up getting sick this week and missing a day of seems to be slowly on the mend...I am crawling to the finish line this week but grateful as always for the moments of sunshine and the reminders how full our lives are!

Linking up with the lovely ladies HERE and sharing some faves from our week...short and sweet but here you go.....

Team Will Outing

One of my favorite parts of this week and probably THE favorite was getting together with our founder in Marblehead on Wednesday.  Similar to last year, although the entire firm came this year, we got to listen to our Owner who is a legend in these parts.  I love seeing him...listening to him...and getting together with my colleagues who I only see a couple of times a year...good for the soul...always reminds me why I am in this business....and it is pure perfect when you are chatting right on the ocean...I mean c'mon!

 Fave Fall Fashion

Like I have said before, fall is my favorite season for fashion (outside of all of the Lilly in the warm weather of course)...I just love the rich colors, textures and are some recent sale items I snagged!


Rain/Snow boots!

and this camel AND comfy...chic and perfect for fall!

 Time Hop

Kills that me OR Pidge?  Reminds me of Pidge so much and how much I miss squeezing that little baby...and I truly love this picture of my mother...and that's me by the very first Halloween in 1973...she glued the bow to my head with Vaseline- hysterical!

 My Girls

Brightened my week for sure...fighting through sickness...observing Diana's dance moves (there are points shoes underneath the dance boots) and Eva is bringing in pledges for her Fun Run! :)

MOPs Prayer Group

Our prayer group table got together last night...this is the group that I told you about...we just all click and it is so emotionally supportive and wonderful...I got really lucky with this table.  The organization is encouraging us to connect with our tables this year and we were happy to have an excuse for our first get together.  Mary, our wonderful hostess, put together a fun blind wine tasting for us and we talked and talked and good for the soul!

That's a wrap.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Happy Weekend Holly. Hope your girls are feeling better. Those leopard print rainboots are ADORABLE!

My Glittery Heart said...

Love that brown sweater and leopard boots! So cute!
Hope everyone is feeling better!

Rechelle said...

Those boots are so perfectly you!! Ugh, so sorry your house has been battling the sickies too, hope everyone is better ASAP!

Adventures with Ella Marie said...

Where is that jacket from? I love it! Link if you can! :)

Julie | This Main Line Life said...

Love those leopard print duck boots, so cute and the leather jacket is beautiful. I'm glad your daughter's feeling better. Mine got sick after her flu shot last year too, then gave it to the rest of us.

Unknown said...

Beautiful fall finds! Would love the links to the cute sweaters and jacket.

Holly Breton said...

Ladies- thank you for all of your kind words!

Ok I am going to try and share the links for the fashion items below- let me know if you have luck! Sweaters are both from Venus- the first one (Camel Cut Out Shoulder Sweater) you can find here

and then the second one (Faux Fur Ruffle Sweater) you can find here

The boots are from Zulilly and they are sold out (they were only $20!) but they have similar that you can find here

and the jackets are from Macy's- you can find both the camel and black ones here

Happy Shopping! said...

Wish I could find a group to join like this group you belong to. I am LONELY! Retirement equated to losing touch with all of my colleagues at school who are still teaching. And now I really have no pals.

Love the camel jacket. I have a dark brown similar but the camel is so warm. Mine can be mistaken for black it is so dark.

Where did you find those dance boots? My granddaughter needs some in a big way. Adorable photos of your darling daughter.

Marblehead...Massachusetts? Lived in Brookline (Boston) as a child. Have never been back since my family drove away in a blue station wagon in 1968, headed for Memphis. Talk about a culture shock! We had planned to vacation in Boston and NYC this month but my hubs is losing his job...I am losing my mind.

Leslie at

Sunshine and Books said...

Those jackets are so cute! And that ocean view... perfection!! I’m glad the girls are feeling better! Have a super weekend!

Good Better Best Food said...

Hope everyone is feeling Better. I am loving those jackets. Macy's is across the street from my office. I may have to check them out.

Happy weekend sweet friend.


Mother of 3 said...

I love that brown sweater! Sorry the kiddos were sick; seems like that has been a common theme on lots of people's blogs these past few weeks.

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