Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Recap!

Well this will go down as one of the most fun summers yet!  Woohoo!

I was looking forward to writing this post because I have so much fun to share!

Friday Night

The weekend kicked off with a Girls Bday Dinner for my friend Jill who turned the big 4...0!
We went to Blackwater Grill and had many laughs and the bonus was that Rob was playing- it was a gig night and we enjoyed his music.  
Jill's neighbor Kat made the cutest cake- since Jill loves cookbooks, she made her a Barefoot Contessa Cookbook cake- it was adorable!
We also put together thoughts for a "birthday board" and Linda put together something so cute that Jill will have always- it was a great night!


Laurel and Tom invited us up over the weekend to their lake house in Laconia.  They had us up last year during Memorial Day Weekend and it was fun but this year, it was even better!  It is so beautiful.  Their condo sits right on the lake- incredible!

We had the best weekend with the McLains and Fourniers- we had such great weather so we got two days on the many laughs...and such great food and wine....and hey for the most part, healthy!
I haven't laughed this hard in a long time...laughing is such great therapy..don't you think?

It did start to rain when we were on our way back to the house...we always laugh "because of my hair." Cass always remembers during a girls' weekend in Portsmouth that I put a shopping bag on my hair- anyone who straightens their hair knows that water is the #1 enemy...well anyway...we had a shopping bag on the boat and I decided to humor the girls...check it out...we laughed so hard!

Despite the rain, we had so much fun! There is just something different about summer rain.
When we got back to the house, the ladies chilled for a bit and the guys took the kids to an arcade.  They had a blast and we enjoyed wine and music of course...with a great view! 

When the guys got back with the kids, it was time for dinner and more fun...we enjoyed dinner and then the adults played a rowdy game of "Things." I laughed SO HARD...we all did...that game can bring out such funny themes! :)


It was the PERFECT day!  It was hot and sunny and just beautiful.  We hopped on the boat again and this time, Tom took us over to Center Harbor.  We docked there and the kids played on a little beach.  We grabbed lunch and ate on picnic tables and then sailed again so we could all jump in the lake.  Again, perfect day...perfect weekend....pure summer bliss!

Rob even got to drive the boat!  He was so happy :)

and mission accomplished.....


A Gal Named Al said...

So so fun! Love your hair save- LOL! And that cake? So cool! Hope your Monday was great!

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