Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Favorites (July 28, 2017)

It's "Fri Yay"...can I get a what what?  Ha ha!!!

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Here are a few faves from my week....

Shark Week

I can't say that I have even watched one shark movie or documentary this week...Rob usually tapes them though so I am sure I will find some on the DVR.  It is funny because my bestie Cass and my Hubby are both scared of AND obsessed with sharks.  Lilly posted an adorable print this week in honor of Shark Week so I had to share.  So cute right?

Hotel Toilet Paper?
So...having a cleaning lady is a luxury, I much of a luxury that I only have ours come every 2-3 months.  Rob and I keep up with it otherwise.  Anyway, I know this is random BUT I love the way she makes our toilet paper look like a hotel's before she hysterical but had to share ;)

Packing for NJ

and Dawn is so fresh!  She texted me and told me not to wear any of my nice outfits...she said sweats and shorts all broaches and necklaces...referring to one of my old high school outfits and she kills me.  Anyway, I love my Lilly skort, especially as a coverup and even though it is more dressy than she is desiring, I am wearing it down to NJ on Saturday whether she likes it or not...cracking up just writing this!

Our Little Thespian

Diana performed in her Theater Camp performance last night.  I write theater camp lightly because every year this group never ceases to amaze us with a Broadway-Quality Production after only 2.5 weeks of rehearsals.  It is called "Triple Threat Camp" and it is run by the Londonderry Dance Academy and New England Dance Ensemble.  They are known to put on professional productions throughout the year.  Diana sang songs in various ensemble numbers but her main show was "School of Rock" and she played Katie and literally rocked it!  We were so proud.  (Separate post coming on the show next week) 

Rx Bars

Okay I have had several comments and emails about these little treasures.  When I started my latest health/fitness program, I learned of these and I eat one almost daily- either for breakfast or a snack.  I  am now kinda obsessed with them. 

When I was asked which ones I may not like- I got nothing.  I have liked every single one I have tried.

When I was asked about my favorites, I needed to share!

My faves, so far, are:
Peanut Butter, Coffee Chocolate, Maple Sea Salt and Mixed Berry

Hope that helps- give them a shot- they are healthy AND wonderful! 

I.N.C and Popsicle!

So Cass told me a few months back that I.N.C at Macy's teamed up with Popsicle for some fun new prints.  Even though I have cut way down on shopping I was excited at the prospect of this new line.  Well, I really thought I would like the bright colors...and thought they would remind me of my summers as a child...but they didn't...I was disapponited, however, I have been eyeing this top and Macy's just had one of their biggest sales of the years so...I scored it for under $30!!  It is from the I.N.C Popsicle line (which I still think is so cool) but it is not a bright color..instead it is a fun metallic top with a white accent layer as well...I think I am going to pair it with white jeans for a night out!

 That's a wrap...getting ready for our road trip...another fun Summer Weekend!


Tara Usher @ Mommy in a Nutshell said...

I hope you have fun in NJ! I don't know what area you're headed to but Saturday is supposed to be a washout in these parts. I'm outside of Philly.

A Gal Named Al said...

That top is super adorable! Yay way to go Diana! Thanks for the RX info, and have so much fun this weekend! Safe travels!

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