Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Favorites (July 7, 2017)

Is it Friday already?  How did that happen?  I am not complaining but seriously holiday weeks are the BOMB.
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Here are some faves from my holiday weekend/errr week :)

All the 4th of July Fun

From Portland with Mimi and Papa and especially our beach day in Cape fun cookouts with fam and friends...we did it truly is my favorite holiday of the year!

Lilly Sunglasses

You know by now I LOVE Lilly and I especially LOVE my Lilly finds on Ebay..friends that is where I do most of my shopping and all of my selling...when I want or need a new Lilly piece, I make sure I sell one for sure and snag a replacement on Ebay for a fraction of the cost- you should try it today!
Check out my new shades...they have polarized lenses with a PINK tint- pure bliss :)


You know by now I am also "obsessed of" (as Diana would say) WEDDINGS.  I am so excited for tonight as my cousin Kevin marries Kiara.  I love everything about weddings- the walk down the aisle- the magic of the ceremony and all of the elegance of the reception...yippee!

Diana's New Haircut

Claribel came to do my hair last night and we scheduled extra time so she could finally trim Diana's hair- it was long overdue!  Diana always loves when Claribel gives her a blowout too- she looks older and she thinks she is-hysterical.  I love it.  It looks so healthy and shiny and it is so soft- she gladly posed for a pic! :)


Eddie was a boy I had such a crush on in high school.  We also ended up going to the same college and although he transferred out after Freshman year, I never forgot him.  As I explained to Rob, I had such a crush on him in high school- he was our star hockey player.  He had the most beautiful girlfriend and they were like Barbie and Ken.  Then in college we started talking more and more and tried to get together a few times...who knew where it would lead...but timing was never on our side.  I was so saddened to hear of Eddie's passing this week.  I was just thinking about him a few weeks back and then when I heard, my heart stopped.  I will never forget this handsome boy and all of his funny jokes...and razzing...and all of the ways he would trash our college meals at the dining hall...he was hysterical...will never forget him

That's a wrap...we are getting ready for a fun filled summer weekend...hope you have a wonderful one friends!


A Gal Named Al said...

So sorry about your friend. Love your new glasses- polarized lenses are so much easier for me to wear when I don't have my reading glasses on- super relaxes the eyes. Have fun at the wedding!

Tara @ Mommy In A Nutshell said...

I'm sorry about the loss of your friend. It always puts so much in perspective when you experience the loss of someone your age, doesn't it?

I love the glasses though. Mine aren't polarized but I know it makes a HUGE difference. I always steal my husband when we are by water to look for fish.

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