Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday Talk: My Favorite Blogs

It is time for another fun Tuesday Talk with Erika and Ashley.  Linking up HERE

Today I decided to talk about...

My Favorite Bloggers/Blogs.

I thought I would share the love and share with you the blogs I follow religiously!

The Larson Lingo
 This is Mel.  You can find her at The Larson Lingo HERE

Mel has been the blogger I have followed the longest.  I am always inspired by her faith, her family life, her fashion and her cooking.  I feel that if we knew each other in real life, we would so be friends. 
She is one of the co-hosts of What's Up Wednesday and every Fall she does a fun Crocktober Link Up.  You will find several of Mel's recipes in my rotation!

Mix and Match Mama
This is Shay.  You can find her at Mix and Match Mama HERE

Shay became psuedo famous because her brother was one of the Bachelors- Sean Lowe.
It is funny because I found her blog by accident...while participating in a blog linkup and I first noticed her recipes.  Now she is one of my first stops every day.  I love her tales of motherhood and such.  Yes she cooks and she has actually even been on the Today show a few times but I am mostly  inspired by all of her family fun.

Mommy In A Nutshell

 This is Tara!  You can find her at Mommy In A Nutshell HERE

I feel like Tara and I have so much in common and she is another person who would SO be my friend in real life ;) She is the beautiful mom of two boys, she works full time and outside of work, she is always looking for fun.  I am so inspired by all she accomplishes and I look forward to hopping on her blog first thing every day! We co-host the Ladies Who Link linkup on the 3rd Thursday of every month- you should join us!

A Gal Named Al

This is Allie!  You can find her at A Gal Named Al HERE

Allie is responsible for introducing me to some of my favorite bloggers- Tara and Cara (who I will talk about next).  She is a great organizer and superstar teacher.  Another one of those ladies who would be hanging out with me if we lived closer.  I love all of her family stories and recipes and fun.  She is also responsible for bringing me into the Thursday Link Up for which I am so grateful!  

Homespun Kitchen

This is Cara!  You can find her at Homespun Kitchen HERE

Cara is a working mom of girls...her girls are a little bit older than mine but I love reading all about her family fun including all of her girls' activities...I like to get inspiration and advice for when my girls are a little older!

Happily Ever Griedls

This is Kristi!  You can find her at Happily Ever Griedls HERE 

Kristi reminds me of my self (when I was much younger of course!)  She is a fairly-newlywed and a working wife and she also LOVES Lilly! She is so much fun and I love the way she lives her life surrounded by family and friends- a practice I follow as well!  Her posts are always so cheerful and her blog is an other I visit daily! 

Last but not least......

Christina Lea Loves

This is Christina!  You can find her at Christina Lea Loves HERE 

Christina is another 20 something and an expecting Mama!  She is expecting their first child (baby boy) this fall.  I first found Christina when her blog was started to chronicle her engagement and wedding activities....it has since grown and she has done a great job expanding her topics.  I love reading all about her travels and fashion and how she is decorating her new home! 

I, of course, read so many more blogs but these are at the top of my list and I thought I would share!


Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

Holly, you just made my day, thank you! Sometimes I think no one reads my little part of blogland, haha....

Have a great week!

Michelle K said...

What a nice post! I actually laughed at your irl comment-I often think we could be friends if we lived in the same community haha. I enjoy following your adventures. I'm also a (transplanted) New Englander and mom who works full time, so I enjoy the take-aways 😀

Laura Kaupang said...

I love so many of these blogs and am excited to check out the new (to me) ones that you recommended! Thanks for sharing!

A Gal Named Al said...

Aww thanks for the blog love! I need travel to be a lot faster so I can hang out with you all and have you over to cook for me! :) Love that blogland brings so many people together!

ReachingBeyondMediocrity said...

What a fun post! I got a lot of new blogs to check out! Thanks for sharing these awesome ladies so the rest of us can check them out!

Kristi Griedl said...

Thanks for the love, girl!! I totally LOVE following along with your blog on the daily :) We would totally get together weekly if we lived closer! Thanks for the other recommendations! Love A Gal Named Al and Mix and Match Mama!

Tara @ Mommy In A Nutshell said...

Love you girl! I read all of these too and especially yours!!

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