Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday (Want, Need, Wear, Read Edition)

It is time to link up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.
This installment is our gift lists: Want, Need, Wear and Read.

Linking up with Andrea HERE

I was so happy when I saw the category because this is the path we are following this year in our family.
It is the path called "Four Gifts." Have you heard of it?
Everyone gets something they WANT, something they NEED, something to WEAR and something to READ.

This keeps things more simple- less over the top and commercialized and it truly helps you to focus on what is important.

I am going to share a few lists with you.  My list is only a wish/dream list.  Rob and I never do gifts on Christmas- our focus is on the kids and our families and after everyone is taken care of, there is really nothing left, however, giving to others makes us the most happy.

So....my list would be

A vacation- who doesn't right?
I would love to go somewhere warm over the winter.

and that is almost a tie with a pink driver.  I need a real driver for golf and I told Rob when we can afford it, I want to choose a pink one....he just rolled his eyes....ha ha ha!!!!
A new devotion book.
I love the one I have "Jesus Calling." It is daily devotions based on bible readings and sets the tone for my day.  I need to keep feeding my soul.

 Something Lilly of course...a top...a scarf...bright and cheerful but something I can get away with wearing over the winter.

I would love to get my hands on a juicy new book; something like The Girl on the Train.  I never read another book faster.  I think another murder mystery would be awesome!  Any suggestions?  I love getting suggestions from my blogger friends!

I love shopping for my Mom; I always finish her gifts first each year; for me, she is the easiest person to shop for!

This year, her four gifts are.....

A Lilly Dress
(picture below is not the exact dress but you get the idea!)

A Reminder to stay close to God

Another Lilly item of course...a cute top (again not exact- this and the dress have been wrapped already and I forget which prints I chose!)

A book I have heard great things about- can't wait to get her review!

Shopping will really get going this week.  I haven't done much but I do know that for my step kids and their WANT, they will get some cash.  I am choosing books for them too...just haven't come up with the other two categories yet!

Santa will come up with the four for the little ones of course too ;)

Can't wait to read your lists!


Queen In Between said...

Last December I picked up the devotional Unwrapping the Greatest Gift To read leading up to Christmas. I highly recommend it...really helped me stay focused on the season instead of my usual crazy. :) Have a super Thanksgiving.

Melanie Smith said...

The Girl on the Train is a good one. I missed the movie in theaters, so I need to see it soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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