Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Favorites (November 11, 2016)

This is one of those weeks where I have never been happier to see Friday.  Daddy was traveling and although I got to work from home most of the week, I am zapped!  It so much easier to juggle it all when you have a partner right?
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Here are some recent faves!

No matter what side you fall on, (I refuse to get into politics on my blog- this is our happy place), we truly live in a beautiful country where we have the privilege and power to vote.  We went to the polls as a family and Diana even came into the booth with me.  She was so excited and has really taken an interest in public service (I don't think she had a choice when she was blessed with the parents she has!)
 and "The Pidge" was just as proud that she got to "vote." Here she is showing off her sticker.  After voting, we had coffee and such together at Village Bean before Daddy took off for his business trip.

and when all is said and done....


with these TROLLS!  ha ha!

3rd grade pic- bless my heart!

 Being at home this week has given me the opportunity to stop and smell the roses and try to inhale as much of this little one as I has been just her and me most days, while Diana is in school, and I am cherishing it! 

Did you know that Target carries wine?
Well in these parts they do....and Praise the Lord
That's all....

Fave Fashions of the Week?
All things RED.....
I am getting into the Christmas spirit even earlier this year and no one is stopping me...I love looking at holiday collections....the clothing...the accessories...the makeup...doesn't all this RED get you in the mood too?

Top- Ann Taylor
Scarf- Old Navy

Lipstick- MAC

Who doesn't love cookies right?  One of our awesome moms arranged a cookie decorating party to celebrate the end of our cheer season.  The girls had a ball decorating cheer themed cookies!


and a very special thank you to all those who have served our country...have fought to protect our freedom.  We honored them at Diana's school with a very special assembly.  My father in law joined me a and a few friends and he even received some thank you cards from the moving.
Diana did a great job singing her songs for the veterans.  Today- we thank you!


Have a wonderful weekend friends! Ours is jam-packed with fun with friends, volunteering and running the kiddos around of course!


Kristi Griedl said...

Love so many of these favorites!! First, that top from Ann Taylor?! Absolutely love the color and the style - I love looking at all the holiday collections as well :) I just saw Trolls with a girlfriend the other day and it was so cute! A definite favorite of mine as well this week! Hope you have a great weekend!!

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