Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fall Weekend Recap!

Oh what a weekend...what a perfect fall weekend.....and I can't believe I am typing these words but our 2016 cheer season is over!  It really feels like yesterday when we were meeting at the high school for the first time for Skills Camp...and then meeting at St. Anselm's for UCA Camp....and now this....but we will get to that...there was lots of fun before the grand finale on Sunday.

After our hair appointments, Lea and I spent the day at the castle prepping for the big bash that night
Stay tuned for the separate post on that- huge success-lots of fun!

I couldn't join the rest of the committee for breakfast and clean up because I had a funeral to attend.  The mom of one of my OPIS co-workers past away and Donna and I met up to go and support him.  Every time I get together with Donna we can't stop talking....we have so much in common....time is always too short...the relationships I created at OPIS some 20 years ago still remain today and I always get choked up thinking how special this group is and how we always seem to find each other again.

While I was there, Rob took Eva to her last gymnastics class of the session.  She even got a certificate and she was VERY proud of herself!

That night, Greer and Gordon invited us over for dinner.  If you have been reading for awhile then you know that Greer is an amazing chef.  She decided to make a traditional Austrian meal and of course it was fantastic...even Eva loved the Spatzle which is like a noodle!  We enjoyed the Spatzle with Schnitzle and Mushroom sauce and fall roasted veggies that I made.  Dessert was homemade apple strudel- to die for.

Eva loved helping Miss Greer to prep the dessert

Well we went out with a bang.  My girls rallied and they placed first and we couldn't be more proud.  This group was special- they worked hard for each other- they supported each other and they loved everything about our season- it makes it hard to end but I am tired and need to be home with my family more.  (especially my Little Pidge)
Snapped a few pics as we were on Cloud 9- I shed tears pretty much all day!

Warming Up Backstage

After performing and awaiting awards on the mat

And after the big win-posing for the fans!  ;)

Papa Bob came to show his support!

and I got such beautiful flowers from a few of the girls XO

That's a wrap......

Sunday Night I peeked in to Diana's Nutcracker rehearsal and got to see Mrs. Mullen in action- it is so cool to listen to her give instruction and even more fascinating that Diana does not move a muscle in her classes or rehearsals!

So excited for the big show Thanksgiving weekend!


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