Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016!

We had an amazing Halloween weekend this year!  I say weekend because when it falls on Monday, you have no choice but to celebrate and do "Halloweeny"/Fall things all weekend long right?


Diana had her class Halloween party in the morning and  I got to help out.  It was so much fun.  I was in charge of the Bingo station and the kids had a ball (I actually did too)
Here is my little dolly- she is Sandy from Grease :)
Mrs. Hale had stations set up- it worked so well.  In addition to the Bingo station, she had a food station, art station, craft station and Twister station.  The kids were wild!  I don't know how she does it ;)
After all of the stations, I was able to snap a few pics.
Diana and her "first love" Cole :) (note she is trying to act cool)

Diana and her pal Kendal

Fun treats

Group shot!

After her party, I headed home to make my appetizers for Lea's party.
I made my famous pumpkin cheeseball

and then I tried a new recipe this year for Jalapeno Mummies- they came out so cute! Later on at the party, they got wiped out in like 5 minutes- they were definitely a crowd pleaser but not sure I will make them again because the jalapenos burned not only my hands but my throat just from breathing in their juices- ugh!
Check them out though- cute right?

After I was done cooking, I headed over to Lea's for the afternoon and helped her set up.
Her decorations are AMAZING- I snapped some pics of course- she thought I was funny but I seriously love what she does

Check out this gory cake that our friend Lisa made for the party- so cool!

After setting up, I went home to get dressed and then came back early- Robby B drove me so we would only have one car.  At that point, we lit all of the candles and the lanterns in the driveway and started "decompressing" with a glass of wine.  It was pouring rain but it seriously did not put a damper on the shindig.

Once guests started arriving, it filled up fast.  I think everyone would agree it was an absolute blast.
Lea hired a duo who was outstanding and then they invited Rob up to sing and the crowd went wild.  One of our friends Chris, paid the band to stay even later- hysterical!
We had such a great time- Lea puts together a "top shelf" Halloween celebration every year.

Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm- love!

Mike's Epic Punches

Roller Coaster Riders- hysterical

Charlie Chaplin and His Love- so creative

Wine and Cheese of Course!

More on this one later

Shawn, our friend Lisa's husband, came to the party as a "Spruce Pond Biatch."  What is that exactly?  It is a golf-playing, Prosecco drinking, Babysitter -calling, Selfie-Taking wife of Spruce Pond, or so he says.  What made his costume the funniest was that he was in character ALL NIGHT LONG.  Anyone he talked to, he was talking like a wifie.  We really laughed so hard.  This group has dubbed me the "Honorary Spruce Pond Biatch" so I did not escape from his heckling- I really laughed so hard.

and we can't forget Carol and Mike Brady- so dead on!


My Man!

One more time...the lovely Shawn...

and me and my love- we went all Renaissance


Even though we didn't go to bed until 1, we had to rise early for our little Eva!  It was worth it though.  First, our family of four, headed to her gymnastics class.  She loves gymnastics so it is really fun to watch.

Then it was time for dance class.  She still struggles with it.  She is very scared.  Diana has been going in to "help" so that has made it a bit better.
For dance class, the kids got to wear their Halloween costumes and because Diana is Sandy, it just made sense that Eva would go as Frenchie.
Here is our precious Frenchie!

She actually had so much fun- thank God!

After dance, I met Beth Ann at a NEW STARBUCKS....yes!  We are so excited!  A new one just opened up in our neighboring town of Londonderry.  (This is what the building looked like right before it was finished)

I love it- so cozy and a perfect place to catch up!
We had so much to catch up on and we could talk for hours
She surprised me with a little key chain from a girls trip that I couldn't attend (due to cheer).

It matches a knife set that Cass surprised me with from a craft fair

and then it was time to race around again and grab all of the food and beverages we would need for the rest of Halloween weekend....so much fun!

The Rekarts Oktoberfest was supposed to be on Saturday, however, due to a death in the family they cancelled the party this year.  As a result, we had a cozy family night at home and I tried a new recipe that was a hit with Rob and Eva.  Diana had a birthday party so it was party pizza for her.

Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Pasta.  
Find the recipe HERE

So...after dinner....Rob brought Diana to the birthday party.  I was home alone and watching American Horror Story (tried to give it another try)...and I was getting scared and then....our doorbell rang.  I kid you not.  I jumped out of my skin.  Pitch black...already scared and the doorbell rang.  I called Rob because that is what I do when I panic and he was still 15 minutes away so we hung up- he called his dad and then his dad came charging upstairs and together we opened the door and there was no one there.  What scared me, maybe even more, is when we realized the front door was unlocked so anyone could have walked right in.
Now...we live in one of the safest towns in America...but seriously friends?  No.

It took me awhile to settle down but I forced myself to because we had to get up early for our State Competition on Sunday morning.


 It was rise and shine early!  We have been working the past three + months for this day.  The NH State Cheer Comp!
I was so proud of our girls.  With a last minute change, due to one of our girls being out, they rallied and pulled together an awesome routine.  We had a couple of drops but all and all the girls looked strong and tight!
We placed 2nd and I am happy with that because they gave it their all! 

Mimi and Papa came and really enjoyed it- My mom said she was shaking like a leaf- something about this competition made it so nerve-wracking and exciting.
Our football team came to watch us and support the girls and the older cheerleaders did as well so they really felt like rock stars!

When we got back to our house- Mimi surprised the girls with little Halloween baskets- so adorable!

and we enjoyed a warm Fall lunch- my Pumpkin Cheese Ball, Sal's Pizza, Apple Bourbon Pork Loin with Maple Syrup and an Autumn Salad (recipe coming soon!)

Rob took Diana to her CCD retreat.  She is preparing to receive her first communion in a couple of weeks.

In between CCD and Nutcracker Rehearsal, we got down to business and carved our Jack-O-Lanterns.
We didn't just stick with pumpkins this year either.
We went all out and carved a pineapple AND a watermelon too!
Check them out

After Nutcracker, we wrapped up our night with Hocus Pocus :)


The BIG KAHUNA- Halloween!!!!!

Diana was sporting her Target Halloween Tee and boots handed down/up to her from Alana

We headed out to the bus stop and found one of our pumpkins in the yard smashed on the road.....darn teenagers! ;)

After school, it was time to celebrate.  When Diana got off the bus her friends were already here.  She had a blast playing with them before everyone headed out to trick-or-treat.
The moms enjoyed some yummy food and cocktails.

Once everyone took off for Trick or Treating, Rob and Britney took Diana, Eva and Brooke out and I cleaned up and decided to scare myself and watch Halloween II.  I don't know why I keep doing this to myself- watching scary things when I am alone BUT the trick-or-treaters were an awesome diversion.  This year, we got many teenagers.  I didn't see alot of little ones!

Hope you all had an amazing Halloween- can't wait to read all of your posts! 


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