Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Recap

So no surprise here!  Our weekend was full of cheer, cheer and more cheer!

Before we get to cheer, I have a few fun pics to share.
At the bus stop on Friday morning, I grabbed our mail and saw that there was an envelope made out to Eva.  We opened it thinking it was a birthday invite and inside was police tape that read CAUTION.  Anyone who knows Eva, knows her favorite word is CAUTION and she uses it in sentences incessantly.  We think she may have learned it in school.  It is hysterical!  So Mimi was the culprit and we all had a good laugh.  Since receiving her gift, she has been guarding it with her life- ha ha!!!

After Diana got on the bus, I headed up to Manchester to meet some of my colleagues. They asked if I would sit down with them and give them some tips and advice about our business.  I was none to happy to oblige.  Since mostly everyone works remotely, it feels good to get together once in awhile anyway.  I also thoroughly enjoy sharing my passion with anyone who is hungry for it.  We had a fun and productive breakfast meeting!

For the first time, we co-hosted our first cheer comp.

Friday night meant setting up our raffles and signs and laying out and vacuuming the cheer mats- fun fun.

We snuck in a few fun pics

After the work was done, we grabbed a quick dinner at Windham Restaurant before heading home to crash.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early!  It was Competition Day!  

My parents came to watch Diana which made it extra special!!  

The girls getting ready to take the mat

Although we couldn't place because we were one of the host teams, the girls scored 2nd.  I was so proud of them.  They actually raised their score over 6 points from last week- huge!
I guess I am ready to share a video- check them out :)

We stayed for most of the comp on Saturday.  We wanted to watch our sister team D10 and support our friends.  They were AMAZING too.  After the comp, we came home, ordered takeout and CRASHED with a capital C!

Sunday morning, we had to rise early again.  We had to be up in Laconia for the 8am playoff game.  We were able to sneak in a quick family breakfast at Mary Ann's!
 Can't you see how tired we are?  woo!

I was proud of the girls at the game-they truly rallied for the U9 football team.  We got big kudos from the coaches too.  Most of our team was there and we had some fun.  Even some of the cheer moms got in on the action this week :)

Last night, Diana had Nutcracker rehearsal and I grabbed dinner with my friend Greer.
To say it was a whirlwind of a weekend is an understatement BUT it is all good.  Blessed to have so many fun activities to enjoy with family and friends and blessed to have the best people in our lives.  Happy Fall Y'all!


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