Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Show and Tell: What Makes Me ME Edition

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday...Today we are talking about the things/quirks that "Make Me Me"

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Hi Friends, if you have been reading for awhile then this is all old news.

I am from a family of 4- Mom, Dad, Brother Matt and Me.  I am the oldest- three years older than my brother- almost to the day (our birth dates are 1 day apart!)

I am from an Italian Catholic family and we are from the Greater Boston Mass area- have always lived just north of Boston.

I LOVE New England and will probably never leave...I need to be near the ocean.

When I married my husband Rob, I crossed the boarder into New Hampshire (big step!) and instantly became a wife AND stepmom to three great kids.

In 2008, we had our first baby together...Diana.
In 2014, we completed our family with the arrival of our baby girl Eva.

A few things that make me ME......
Passions First

Oh so many passions....I believe in a life full of passion...

My Big Guy

My Big Three

My Work
especially my Janie...she makes what we do even that much more fun...but seriously friends...I have been in my industry for 20 years and I am blessed to love what I do

My Family

My Friends

Especially These Nuggets

and the OCEAN....duh!

Phobias Second
Well if you have been reading for awhile then you already know I am a bit "cray" as the kids say.  Ha ha!!!  I have so many phobias...but I don't let them define me.  As a child I was scared of heights...and the dark....and tight closed spaces (i.e. elevators...planes, etc)

In high school one day, I was asked to help a girl who was in a wheelchair.  She needed some help developing her film in the dark room.  I thought no problem.  I went in with her and when I saw how pitch black it was...I couldn't breathe....full blown panic attack.

Later in college, one of my jobs was to help kids with disabilities. Part of that role entailed helping to get kids across campus....which involved...yes...elevators.  I remember the day like it was yesterday.  I was entering the elevator with my pal Val....and I panicked....I couldn't stay...I said "Val I will meet you up there."  I put him in the elevator, hit the button and then just ran up the stairs to meet him.  I thought "never again."

Now...as I say now...never say never.   There are times when I am in large hotels or buildings with glass elevators and when I am with a group, I bite the bullet and get in but still....more often than not...you will see me taking the stairs...even 12 sets if need be.

Recently, I was with my boss at one of the Boston Hospitals.  I climbed all six flights...he followed me...even after I told him he could take the elevator....talk about winded ;)

Seeing this picture below just gives me the chills...the bad ones.
So as you can see, as an adult I am still scared of tight closed spaces and would consider myself a claustrophobic.

Quirks Third

So I have many quirks and will share just a few with you.....
I need to have the TV on when I sleep...I started this bad habit during my senior year of college.  Now if it is silent, I can't sleep.  When we lose power overnight, I immediately wake up and can't sleep until power is back and there is sound!  I know...cray.

 I get my hair done every week...yep...every...flippin' week.  It is built into our family budget and has been for the past 6 years.  I would be lost without my Claribel.  (Diana reaps the benefits of Claribel during ECE cheer season only) ;)

That's it for now- can't wait to be entertained by all of your stories. 


Donna said...

Visiting from the link up!

I'm from the East Coast of Canada and can't imagine living somewhere that's landlocked. I've never lived farther than a half hour drive away from the ocean.

Kristi Ballweg said...

Love these posts - nice to get to know you more :)


Holly said...

Thank you ladies! I can't believe I forgot to write about my bird phobia too! That's a topic for another day ;)

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