Monday, October 17, 2016

1st Place at Season Premier!

As I am typing this on an early Monday morning, I am still on cloud 9 after our Season Premier Competition at Bedford High on Saturday.

The girls rocked it.

We had some drops and some violations but they still managed to clinch first place in their division and I could not be more proud!

On Friday night, we started with their "Taco Party" or "Taco Palooza" as I deemed it.  It was an awesome team-building event and the girls enjoyed tacos and desserts while the adults feasted on fun apps and great cocktails.  We also gave the girls their special nicknames and Lindsay, our Junior Demonstrator, gave them each little candy bags and read them a poem to go with the candy.  We also read a "cheer prayer" and made it very special for them.
I snapped a few pics that night

After the party, it was time to throw Diana in the tub and prep her hair.  We joked that our friend Lynne always has it down to a science so I proclaimed that I went to her "school for cheer hair."  I love these days...I sent her this pic of Diana

and she sent me one of her precious Kit- I could just eat her up!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early and on our way!
It was chilly!
Once inside the girls got to play some games and even joined the Goffstown D8 team for a game or two.
We snapped a group pic before we were ushered off to warmups

The girls did great during warmups and then it was their turn to take the mat.  To say my heart was in my throat would be an understatement.  Ahhhh....Rob was able to snap some pics during the routine.  

We have a few videos but I want to wait for either the next competition or the State Championships to post.  It was great but we can do better :)

Afterwards, we celebrated and the parents took pics with our trophy- we truly were on Cloud 9!

 Next week, we are onto the Derry Windham Cheer Xplosion!  Yes!  We are co-hosting the next comp up at Sanborn Regional- we cannot wait!  We have so much work to do this week- onward and upward!


Stephanie said...

Congratulations on the win! Cheer hair is the best! My hair has always been SUPER thick, and when we would all do our hair the night before a competition, mine always had at least 30 curlers as opposed to everyone else's 12 :)

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