Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Strategies" Girls Christmas Party!

What a wonderful night in Boston we had!

We started by having a limo pick us each up at our homes....I snapped pics (except for Annette who was our final pick up- oops!)

First house of course!  (what was priceless about this moment was that as I was walking to the limo, Zack pulled up and made the funniest face kinda like asking me what is going on??  We had a good laugh!)

Next stop...Heather and Jack

Then Lauren...

Then Kristen

and then Elisa and Rosa

and Caleigh...

Then we picked up Annette (missing photo) and had some fun heading into the big city

and finally make it to Strega Waterfront for an outstanding and unforgettable dining experience (one of the best I have ever had!)

Yep that is my dinner right about this...delish!

and then we headed to the north end for some cappucinos and bucca of course ;)

and then we had a dance party on the ride home...great night with fabulous ladies celebrating a very successful year of business!


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