Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

It was a jam filled Christmas Eve for our family...we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it with those we love most

We started the day by surprising Grammy and Papa with one of Mama's special Ricotta Orange is their old school bay window..decorated with the manger and a tree (these figurines have been used by the Bretons for three  generations)

Then we visited the cemeteries to visit our closest loved ones who have passed...we brought holiday plants...we started in Chelmsford where both of Rob's sets of grandparents are buried

Then we headed to Wakefield to visit Anissa, Winchester to visit Nani and Papa and then Malden to visit Nani and Papa, Auntie Angie and Uncle Dominic and Gramma and Grampa

After that, we went to Mum and Dad's for a spectacular lunch including lobster salad, mushroom and Gruyere bruschetta and holiday kiss cocktails...fantabulous..nothing less expected with my mother!

I even got to help mum make Zeppolis and although she wasn't crazy about them, I thought they were great, just like Nani's

Then it was time for mass at St. Pat's..we went an hour early to get seats!  (crazy are the Christmas crowds- one of my pet peeves as many of you know)

After mass, we came back to discover that Santa had stopped at Mimi and Papa's...Miss Diana was out of her mind and tore open presents faster than a bolt of lightening...too funny!
(Santa at Mimi and Papa's went way overboard- classic) ;)

Miss Diana got the Dora Fairy Doll, Angelina Ballerina, Cheerleader Barbie, some lovely outfits and an easel!

Next stop?  Auntie Peggy's for the "Festival of Fishes"
Seems like the marshmallow vodka trend has even spread to my relatives...Uncle Bill was prepared and served up some great cocktails...then we indulged in shrimp, crab, baked stuffed shrimp, Aili oili, vinegar peppers, bouillabaisse, scallops, clams casino (two ways) and baked sole.

Diana had a blast with her cousins but was out of control (shocker) we jetted out a bit early to get her to bed!

Hope you all had a wonderful night!


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