Sunday, November 6, 2011

Windham Jaguars are Going to the Title Game!

The Windham Jaguar Football team did not disappoint yesterday!  We travelled to Hanover High School to watch the JAGS defeat Kearsage....what an exciting game...very stressful at times but so worth it!  Final score was 33-27 and we had a blast!

and after the win....we cheered the team on as they walked off the field and some parents headed over to Margarita's for a celebratory drink...while there, we started strategizing of how we would cheer the boys on next week...My God this has never been SO FUN!  WOOHOO!
 Hey!  Who let 21 in?  (Great game Kenny)

 Never knew he carried a purse but hey...he looks great in Black Coach doesn't he? 



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