Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Fun...

and as promised, here are the pix from the 57th Annual Woburn Halloween Parade..Such Fun!

Mimi and Papa made a Gingerbread Haunted House with Diana...Diana loves "snacking" on the house ;)

and Halloween night was so much fun!  Mimi made us an awesome steak dinner...I made the adults one of my specialty cocktails- hot chocolate with toasted marshmallow vodka and we hit the town!  Diana REALLY loved trick-or-treating...she said "Trick-Or-Treat" with gusto....always said thank you and then wrapped up each house with a big "OK NEXT ONE!" hysterical

 Hey there Tink!

and we wrapped up the night at Grammy and Papa's in Windham...and crashed there of course because again...NO POWER!  (It has since returned and we are most grateful) :)

still such a little Monkey!

and she he is in action (don't forget to pause the music player on the top right of my page before playing this video)


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