Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Diehards at The DiPrima's House

Chuck and Alice are the best...we are so glad that we have gotten to know them over the last few years...we had so much fun together during football...especially this year

So....being as wonderful as they are, they had the "Diehards" over last night to keep the good times rolling....

We enjoyed cocktails and apps and dancing and awesome stories....

We have such a great group of parents and kids...we are really fortunate for the community we live in...nights like last night remind me of just this and how lucky we are

Alice's Delicious Pumpkin Martinis (need to get the recipe for my mom!)

The Hostess with the Mostest and her beautiful daughter Alexa

Mike G double fisted with Alice's martini AND Tina's awesome cranberry slushy concotion that we slurped up!


then Chuck brings out the frozen Buca ;)

Mike is our "Media Genius" and he does a beautiful job on the end-of-season video at the banquet...last night he entertained us with not only this year's masterpiece but an added section that was just for us- "the party version"- we laughed so hard...I may be able to post it here soon...if I stalk him for it ;)

and then the dance party began.....Scott has some pretty sweet moves

Awesome night with great friends xoxoxo


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