Monday, August 4, 2008

The Siblings

So...everyone always asks me..."How do the kids feel about the baby?" "Are they excited?" "Do you think the kids are nervous about having a baby in the house?"

I thought the blog would be a perfect place to describe my point of view of the kids or "The Siblings!"

In one word, they are EXCITED! Sure the novelty of a new baby may wear off and they may get aggravated or even angry from time to time with a fussy baby, however, they have been just wonderful.

I guess not many people can experience what I am about too. I mean, how many pregnant women out there are also responsible for older stepchildren? I am sure there are some...but not many. Yes...sometimes you feel alone because you wonder...."who can really understand my situation?" I am dealing with stressful teenage issues....the middle child starting to drive...the youngest about to finish middle school already...Most of the time, however, I feel even more safe AND excited.

Zack as everyone knows is just a wonderful human being. He always asks me if I need anything...he will go and get me my pillow and blanket for my naps on the couch...he has helped me with groceries and bending over EVERY TIME I drop something which is often...(if you know me you know I am a huge klutz!) What choked me up the most though? When he told me he loves to go under the baby's crib and just chill sometimes. He also tested out the rocker and practiced reading the baby books. Need I say more?

Ally has assembled most of our essential gear. No I am not kidding. With minimal help from Dad, she amazed us with her tenacity and passion for getting those things the high the the stroller AND the pack and play...I told her she should be an Engineer...she said "I don't want to do a guy's job!" Yes I set her straight :) She also loves to keep tabs on the baby's clothes so often goes snooping in her closet. Ally also helped me unpack everything after our baby shower...she even organized Baby Diana's onesies in one of her drawers...she separated them in piles of 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 9+ months...she is so helpful and you can always depend on her during times of stress...she is another special kid.

Kayla? Last but not least. As you know Kayla is with us all the time now. She has really matured into a responsible and lovely young woman too. We are very proud of her work ethic and the way she is making an effort to reach out to new people, make friends and help those in need. It has been such piece of mind for me to have her home...she reminds me to call down to her (especially when Dad is working at a gig) if I need anything or should I go into labor...she has even offered to drive me to the hospital if Daddy is working. For someone who isn't a huge fan of kids, she too, has been wonderful. It is like having a roommate that I can vent politics with and just chill with. She has helped me to feel less alone and is just a pleasure to have around.

These kids have suffered through this pregnancy with me (all my complaining...fatigue...sickness, etc) AND have enjoyed some of the perks like my cravings along the way...chicken fingers....Mcflurrys....Coldstone Creamery...yeah we got it covered. We have enjoyed many a Friday night with some sweet treats! We have also gotten VERY silly about things at times...Ally and I made up a song for Bambi (our bulldog) about how her life is about to turn to shi....well you get the point!

Lastly, what I can tell you is this: This baby is so lucky to have 3 wonderful siblings...I feel grateful that she has three terrific human beings to look up to.
I know they will teach her about life...protect her and be there over the years...I hope she can return the love that they deserve...I will do my best to encourage their closeness for eternity.

So everyone....Blended families, though more challenging...also offer more rewards in life.

Thank You God.


Jacinda said...

This is so sweet holly! Take it from me, blended families are the best, you never take them for granted. Little Miss D will love her big brother and sisters so much! I'm so sorry that I didn't see you when I was in RI. I was hoping to set some time aside but I came down with a wicked cold before I even arrived and ultimately didn't want to risk it! I will just have to catch you all and the little baby girl the next time. I can't wait to give her a snuggle. Remember that some of us are depending solely on this blog for a birth announcement so make sure that someone puts up a post! Take care Holly, any day! Love you.

Jen said...

What a great post! We are a blended family as well. Check out my blog...Yours + Mine = Ours

We don't have any plans to add a baby, but we're still blending every day!

Congrats on the beautiful baby! Hope to "see" you around!

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