Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dear Diana At 37 Weeks!

Dear Diana,

It is almost time for your arrival! You are considered full term this week :) I have felt so melancholy over the last few weeks...I cry at the drop of a hat.

I will miss carrying you so much! I may never get to feel this again and that is okay...I am happy to share this with little girl.

Daddy and I have been practicing swaddling with dolls...I have to admit...he is an expert. My swaddling skills can't even compare to his- I guess that will be one of his jobs. I have practiced reading to you in the new rocker...I hope you enjoy that as much as I am going to!

We had the car seats installed by our wonderful fire was a great experience and Firefighter Wicker made sure that you will always be safe in our cars. Now we can take you everywhere we go! (Most importantly we can take you home from the hospital!) :)

I am looking forward to taking you to one of my favorite places and that is Griffin Park. It is such a nice time of year so we will be able to take some strolls...listen to the birds and have some fun!

Everyone is excited to meet you! All of our family and friends and friends from work and town...we will need to introduce you to the ladies at the coffee shop and hair salon and PTA as well as our doctors and co-workers and will be one busy baby!! Get ready!

I am ready..this is the calm before the storm but I know we can do it....I look forward to meeting you...I am waiting...I am here to greet you...and I promise to always take care of you.

Love, Mommy


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