Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Final Stretch

So I am 36 weeks...on Tuesday, I will be considered full term! We still can't believe it! Some days it seems like I have been pregnant forever. I am pain...can barely get through the work day...etc etc. Other days, I can't believe this time came so fast.

I cannot wait to meet our baby girl but I am very melancholy...I will miss being pregnant...miss feeling her move and miss the feeling of protecting her from the world.

On the other hand, I am constantly she okay? What does she look like? Will she have hair? How much will she weigh? Oh...the curiosity is killing me!

We had our weekly appointment today and got our "Labor Talk." Dr. Bose explained all the amenities they have at Winchester Hospital and today, to me, it sounds like a hotel...private soothing showers for pain....a pool tub for pain...pain meds before the epidural...a birthing ball...etc etc...I am sure when I am having contractions, this will all seem less glamorous however today I am quite impressed.

I got an exam today too and although I am not dilated yet, my cervix has softened and is ready to go! Can you believe it?

We got a beautiful rocker for the nursery...yes another ebay special...can ya blame me? Rob put it together last night so I tested it out and it is comfy and will do the trick. It has a matching ottoman and all I have to do is point and flex my toes and everything moves quite nicely!

It is white wood with light green cushions...goes perfect! Stay tuned for some pix of the is a little dreamland fit for a princess....our little princess! :)


Kerry Lynn said...

Hi Holly!

Congratulations on your pregnancy and almost being at the end!

It's so good to "see" you after so long. You look beautiful as ever!

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