Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dear Diana (You Are 1 Week Old!)

Can you believe you are already one week old? I can't. My heart breaks when I think about our first days in the hospital...I want to grab them back.

The moment I keep reliving is every morning we spent there. The nurses brought you to us every morning at about 6am- well Daddy got you one day and then I called for you the other days. You were always awake at that time and I would hold you...You were all wrapped in white...a white tee shirt and swaddled in a white blanket and you would look up at me...trying desperately to focus...and we would bond. I started calling you my baby in need of a feeding...I am so in love with you.

You have already met so many people and you will never remember this time so I will record these memories for you. After leaving the hospital, you visited Babies R Us so we could purchase your formula and then you came to Shaw's with us so we could get mummy's medicine and some groceries. At home, you were welcomed by your Big Sister Kayla who fed you. You then proceeded to sleep on her chest, in the rocking chair for 2 hours!

You LOVE your swing from Ann Marie so we have let you sleep in that the last two nights. Right now, it seems like you are down to a schedule of sleeping and waking every three hours for a feeding/diaper change. It is rough but we are learning to adjust. I think Bambi has had the hardest time adjusting but she is coming around...she just thinks you are very loud so she has absolutely met her match!

Ally and Zack have both enjoyed you so much already- both have had the opportunity to feed you and all of us can't help but just stare at you endlessly...wondering what you are going to do next!

On Friday, Mimi and Papa Pete came up for the day...they made us lunch and dinner and enjoyed the day bonding with you!

Yesterday, you had your first pediatrician's appointment and you did very well! You didn't cry once! You also got meet Sandy at The Village Bean during our coffee stop and later on, the ladies at Bella Viaggio who all agreed that you will have mummy's wild hair! That only means another customer for them :)

Grammy and Papa have come over twice...last night they brought mummy and daddy chinese for dinner. We waited for hours for you to wake up but no such luck!

My friend Jen from work came to visit yesterday too! She thinks you look like me :)

This morning you enjoyed your first trip to church...we left at communion though so crowds did not get too close..then we did grocery shopping and whisked you through the store with as little contact as possible. You slept the whole time!

We got home to a wonderful basket of food from Cass and Steve- they are soooo generous and thoughtful and true life savers~ don't know what I would do without my Cass!

Today, Mimi and Papa and Uncle Matt and Gina came over to celebrate Uncle Matt's bday AND to celebrate you of course...we enjoyed some apps and cake. The only scary thing that happened was that you projectile spit up while you were sleeping...I freaked out but you didn't seem to mind at barely woke you up~ although there ended up being spit up all over your polo tennis outfit from Daddy said, though, that is what Dreft is for AND he is the laundry champion!

Your cries are so adorable...even your hungry is so angry but how can we get mad at are just too flipping adorable and lovable and we have waited so long for you!

I love you my baby bird


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