Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well I am 1 centimeter dilated. I know it could be forever but things seem to be winding down. Last week Diana rotated so her back was to my back...I knew exactly when she did it because it HURT! Then as of yesterday, she rotated back into position...thanks goodness! It just makes for an easier push/smoother delivery.

My blood pressure was slightly elevated and I haven't been feeling too well so Dr. Bose ordered some blood work.

I go back on Monday already. Then, if I make it to Thursday (which is actually my due date AND Daddy's bday), I will be having an ultra-sound then put on a monitor for 45 minutes.

Dr. Bose explained that depending on the results of the blood work and my appointments, I could be rushed to Labor and Delivery or sent home...stay tuned.


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