Saturday, August 16, 2008


It has been four wonderful years...I know how lucky I am. Not everyone gets to be with the true love of their life...not everyone gets to feel the joy of the right one. I thank God all the time for Rob.

We just celebrated our four year anniversary. Although things are super hectic this year in anticipation of Baby Diana's arrival, we made sure we spent some time being romantic.

Rob got me a book written by couples who have been married for 50 years or more! I got him a CD of all classic love songs sung by some of our favorites like Dean Martin and Sinatra. We also exchanged chocolate treats (yeah one last hoorah before we jump on South Beach)

My mom made us a great dinner on Wed night and she and my dad presented us with a gift certificate to our favorite restaurant SURF! They also will be providing babysitting services for that evening...something we are looking forward to!

Babe, thanks for being you. Through all of the stressful times, hard work, exhaustion and chaos, it is always nice to know we can come home to each other.

Enjoy some pix from the greatest day of our lives!

I love you!!


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