Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update....Due Date baby yet...was at the doctor's office today from 11:30-3- ultrasound looked good- baby moving...then went on baby monitor for about 45 minutes- Diana's heartbeat seemed to dip a little bit a few times and my blood pressure was slightly elevated. So...they sent me over to Winchester Hospital Labor and Delivery where I went on another baby monitor for about 2 hours- after that, everything looked normal and my blood pressure was down BUT Dr Bose was in a surgery and I ended up waiting for another 2 hours...Rob and I tried to entertain each just gets boring after awhile.

We are grateful that everything is ok BUT very anxious awaiting Baby Diana. So now that my due date is passing, I go back on Monday for a "weight check ultrasound" and then they will determine how fast they will induce me, if at all. We are ALL hoping, I go on my own.

Diana...please come meet us soon! :)


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