Saturday, December 1, 2007

Reuniting with Old Friends

Last night I met Donna and Caitlin at Margarita's. We had a great night reconnecting. We worked together for five years back at OPIS and New Boston Select Staffing.

I still remember the day I met Donna for the first time. She had recently had her first daughter Brooke. Brooke is now 8 years old and her second daughter Christina is now 5- oh how time flies!

Donna is my friend who I always look up to- she is the one who did everything the way "you are supposed to." She did things the right way and is always so responsible. I always love her stories too. She never lets us down! She is always good for some belly laughs!

She is also one of my heroes because Donna survived breast cancer without skipping a beat. She looks at life and just takes care of everything like it is no big deal. I wish I got to see her more often. I miss her all the time but the good news is that she is right in Pelham- pretty much five minutes away!!! She now runs her husband's business at home while taking care of their two girls- they are so lucky to have her as a mom.

Caitlin just celebrated her one year anniversary with Peter. Donna and I along with Steve and Rob had a blast at her wedding last year. Caitlin and Peter are such a special couple-truly meant for each other. Caitlin, like Donna, were the best employees I ever had- they had true passion for their recruiting work and were my sanity (if that is possible because you already know how crazy I am!)


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