Monday, December 3, 2007

Boylston Home for Girls

We visited the Boylston Home in Manchester yesterday. We started a family tradition last year. We choose a different shelter/home where we will bring a meal we prepared for the holidays.

This year, we were fortunate enough to visit the Boylston Home. We brought our American Chop Seuy, Salad and Bread. We also got to spend time with the family that runs this home.

The home operated, in the past, like other group homes. Now, the state of NH, is trying to get away from the group home concept and moving towards more foster care situations.

As a result, the Boylston home lost its funding and was forced to close its doors earlier this year.

Some special invidividuals, however, did not let it die on the vine. They came up with the concept of having it be a "faith based home." (no specific religion- nondenominational).

They found the wonderful Coberley family in Kansas and asked them to move out here to run the home. They did just that. They have now re-opened and they are anticipating a full house soon. The home serves girls who may be unwed mothers or those who are living on the streets and have no where else to go.

Various churches across the country can recommend girls for the home and they will fund their associated costs.

The Coberleys explained to us that they welcome volunteers and gifts from all of us. Their piece of advice was "give what you like to give or what you are good at." For example, they could always use diapers. They also could use some help with painting and repairing walls. They are also open to volunteers taking a girl out for an afternoon (they would have to run a background check on anyone who may be interested in spending some time with the girls).

If you have some time to volunteer or you have a gift to give, please visit the Boylston Home. You can call and ask for Cheryl- she is just wonderful! Their website is or you can call at (603) 622-2313

This experience meant two things for our family: 1. It showed the kids how less fortunate so many people are out there and pointed out even more how lucky they are for who and what and they have. 2. It educated us on this wonderful home where we will be volunteering, now, for years to come!


Joshua King said...

It was so nice to see a personal testimony about BHfG on the net. I have personally met the Coberley and was a member of their previous church in Kansas they are an awesome family. Also, keep up with your family tradition. Most children these days will not have a unique tradition to share with their children in the future. REally Awesome

cynthia jane said...

Congradulations to the Coberley family for saving BHFG. I thought about the home tonite so being curious, googled bhfg and found this. I was saddened that the doors had been closed but happy and relieved to know they are open again. I was a resident there in 1963 when Mrs. Shaw and Alice the cook were there.
you are blessed

Elizabeth said...

I was so glad to read cynthia jane's post. I have a facebook group page for anyone who had lived at Boylston Home like me. I moved there in 1967, and have a story being published about my relationship with Mrs, Beal, former director of Boylston Home. Look in the August, 2010 publication of Guideposts magazine.

Cynthia, please contact me if you can and feel free to join the Facebook group :)

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