Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Recap!

Wow!  This was a busy one!  Full of family fun and never stopping!  I love weekends like this though....ones that are crazy busy but you can still sqeak in a Sunday afternoon nap...FTW!

Here is what our weekend looked like......

Friday Night

I went to the stations of the cross.  Our church does this on Friday nights during lent.  I really enjoyed it!  Then, we headed to the high school play with Diana and Sam.  (Eva stayed with Papa)
It was awesome!
They did the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  We had some friends' kids in the show and they were all so talented...we really enjoyed it and the kids did too!
 Diana got to see our babysitter Mandi in the show- she is such a talent!  She posed with the girls after the show was over!


We divided and conquered!

Rob took Eva to her gymnastics and dance classes.  While he was doing that, I went to the grocery store to prepare for dinner that night!  You will see why.  After the grocery store, I raced to the high school so I could be at the new player and cheerleader registration for the Wolverines.  
Rob is always good about getting videos so he got a couple at gymnastics and one at dance so I wouldn't miss out :)

After that there was some more running around to do....liquor store..the get it.  

We all met up at home and then headed to the town hall to witness Daddy being sworn in to the school board.  This part, though, ended up being very stressful.  I didn't think I would need the diaper bag.  (Show of hands, who else has ever said that to themselves and then had a disaster?)

Pidge decided to poop.  We were all in such a small room waiting for the meeting to start.  I was stuck.  I did not want to miss Rob being sworn in.  Thank God for my friend Jess.  She said, I will go and grab your diapers.  So she took my keys and went to my house and saved the day.  I had to apologize to so many people for the smell (kind of funny now but wasn't funny at the moment)

Pidge is also a Daddy's girl and she decided to freak out because she couldn't sit with Daddy and the rest of the school board.  A friend from town, Cyndi, helped me by entertaining her with her phone.  Thank God!

Behind the scenes there was stressful election news happening.  It was all too much to take at once.  Things are still very up in the air but Daddy got to be sworn in, in good faith.  I got a video- praise the Lord!

Once Daddy was sworn in and the board was re-organized, the girls and I headed home to get Diana ready for her cheer comp and for Mama ready for her office to come over!

Thank God for our village- Lea and Tricia took Diana to her comp for me.  It ended up being Saturday night (go figure).  These girls never compete at night but the one night I am having my office for dinner is the night that this happens.  It all worked out though.

Courtney snapped a pic of the Windham girls at the competition

At home, I was preparing dinner for my office.  
We started with a bruschetta bar and sparkler cocktails.

Rob snapped a pic of all of the bruschetta goodness

We all had such a great time.  It was nice to get together outside of the office and with our spouses.  Stories were told- laughs were had and we had a yummy dinner which consisted of sirloin with gorgonzola sauce on the side, grilled salmon, roasted potatoes, roasted green beans and arugula salad!
I broke out some fancy wine for the occasion too- Coleen gave us this awesome bottle and it paired so well with the sirloin.

Dan and Sandy brought me these beautiful tulips- as you know, I LOVE fresh flowers!

and Pidge stole the show again- ha ha!  Here she is snuggling up to my boss Dan!

I am so glad we did this; it was a great night


We usually head to mass but this Sunday was different.  The MOMS Club of Windham hosted a private event for its members.  We got to meet the Easter Bunny!  The girls had a blast.  The MOMS club had snacks and crafts while we were waiting and we got to hang out with our closest pals, the Grahams and some other friends from town.  It was so cute!

Diana and Alice- BFFs waiting for the Bunny :)

The girls with the Big Guy :)

After that, we headed to Diana's very first lacrosse scrimmage- it was SO COLD!  It felt more like football weather- we have had the longest winter EVER...we have all had ENOUGH!
Besides the cold, it was fun to watch the game alongside one of my besties Lea :)
Snapped a couple of pics of course

After that, we crashed!  Woosh...just tired typing all of this!  Love my little fam and love our village....blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives!  Happy Monday!  Thanks for stopping by!


Tara Usher @ Mommy in a Nutshell said...

Wow! Busy weekend but so much fun! You were able to accomplish a ton. I'm drooling over that bruschetta!

A Gal Named Al said...

I think you did more in your weekend than I've done in a few weeks! Those appetizers look amazing! Hope your week ahead is a little less hectic!

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