Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday (Most Embarrassing Moments)

Hi Friends.  It is time for another installment of "Show and Tell Tuesday" with Andrea.  Linking up with her HERE

This week, we are charged with sharing our embarrassing moments.

Friends...I just don't know if I can go there.  I try to bury those memories- don't you?

When I think back, my most embarrassing moments mostly happened in high school really.  Well I can think of a few more too so here goes nothing....

High School Gym Class

If my BFF from high school, Dawn, is reading this, than she will already know what I am going to say.  We were being tested for the National Phys Ed program and we had to do sit-ups.  We were being timed to see how many sit-ups we could do in a minute and something so unfortunate happened to me- in the middle of gym glass.  A natural bodily function?  Umm...I am just leaving it at that...
MORTIFIED...does not even begin to describe what I felt and what I still feel when I think back to that awful day


So in elementary school, I know I am going way back, we always had a Halloween parade.  The little kids would put on their Halloween costumes and do a parade for the older kids in the school.  One year, I wanted to wear one of my ballet costumes.  When I went to change in the bathroom, I realized how bare I felt in school.  In dance and on the stage, it was perfect, but in front of my classmates, it was too much skin. SO...I decided to keep my Wonder Woman Underoos Bra top on underneath and someone in every class we marched into mentioned it.  "Holly is that Underoos?" I marched in that parade being bright purple from embarrassment!!  I can still remember that day and I was only in 3rd grade!


So last year, at one of our board meetings, I was sitting  in my chair, taking minutes and I turned to look at someone.  Before I knew it, I was on the floor- I don't even know how it happend.  I fell backwards so fast AND hit my head on the floor and just laid there.  One of the guys said, "you were just right there...and then you were gone."
Well we laughed- it was funny...and shocking...and when I think about it, I still get embarrassed.  Lea, Jess and I always say, when I bring it up, "Thank God John wasn't in the room."  John would've never let me live that one down!



A Gal Named Al said...

Oh no! The chair! I'm guaranteed to slip and fall if I'm walking to meet a group of people. The joys of life- glad you lived to tell about them! :)

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