Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites (March 17, 2017)

I don't know about you BUT I am SO SO HAPPY to see this day...well I am ALWAYS HAPPY to see Friday but Praise The Lord I need this weekend.....

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Here are my favorites from the week.....

 Did someone say election?  Well yes it was supposed to happen on Tuesday AND we got blessed with not only a snowstorm but a blizzard here in New England- I kid you not.
So the town went to our Attorney General and Secretary of State and they agreed to move our election to tomorrow, Saturday, WOOHOOO!

It did mean four more days of campaigning but we were very happy with that decision for the anticipated turnout, etc.  So friends, one more day- tomorrow is it!  Robby B will either be on the school board for one more term or he will not.  Whatever the result, we worked so hard on this campaign, we met even more wonderful people in town and fought for the greater good.  This campaign has been a favorite but I am also tired and run down now.  Yes, I am 43 years old with two ear infections- not fun.  Just goes to show you how much I will do for my hubby :)
This is a design from my fellow Wolverine board member and friend Sheila- she is so talented and just decided to put together something that would help Rob's campaign

Favorite quotes and memes of the week...ones that made me pause and yell "TRUTH"?

My girls!

Diana started lacrosse this week and loved it!

Eva did lots of snuggling and INSISTED that Zach bring her, her favorite blanket from her crib.  (He is on spring break and got sucked right into her demands this week!)

My faith in humanity

Friends, this has been one of the most stressful weeks ever- snow storm- work pressure- car getting smashed by a falling branch- getting sick (what 43 year old you know gets ear infections right?)- tons of campaign work and then yesterday afternoon I topped it off by losing my wallet.
I started to cry because I didn't think I could take anymore.
Then...after about 30 minutes of phone rang.  This wonderful man on the other end, Mark, said "I think I found something very important to you." I cried even louder.
My husband took the phone and they made plans to meet up so he could retrieve my wallet.  Friends, the next part is what gave me chills.
Mark suggested that they meet in Dracut- the town where my husband grew up.  He then suggested a pizza place in town and asked my husband if he knew where it was.  Rob said, "Ummm Dad used to own that property."
It was so eerie- of all places, he picked the location where my in-laws had their business. Rob didn't think it was as obvious as I did but this reminded me that God works in mysterious ways and there are still great people out there...honest...that do the right thing...and once again I was reminded that I need to keep teaching my children to do wonderful and honest things like Mark did.
 Well....that's all I have this week....tomorrow is election day...I feel like after that, I can exhale and get back to normal!  Have a wonderful weekend!


A Gal Named Al said...

Love the Freddie Mercury meme! I hope you feel better soon, and I totally understand the whole forgiving someone without receiving the apology- it's tough, but it's nice to not have that anger looming. Best of luck at the election!

Laura Darling said...

I am so glad that your wallet was returned! That's so wonderful of that man! I hope the election goes well!

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