Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sharon and Maya Visit from France!

If you have been reading along for awhile, you already know that Sharon is a dear friend of mine.  We were roommates in college.  During her senior year, she did a semester abroad in France and met the love of her life.  Upon graduating from UMD, she moved to France and the rest is history.

Well, until now. She and her family will be moving back next year and we could not be more thrilled!

We have done a great job keeping in touch over the years.  We usually get to see each other once a year (well almost) when she comes to visit her family.

 Here is a look back

Diana and Maya met each other, for the first time in the Spring of 2009- we will laugh about this picture! This was in our old home- in Diana's nursery

and again at Christmastime in 09

and then they met up again in the Summer of 2010 at Sharon's parent's house-  they had a ball splashing around!

 In 2011, because I had just started a crazy stressful job, we only found time for the Mamas to meet for a drink- we enjoyed our time though XOXOXO

 2012 was a crazy year for us with Daddy's surgery and moving and all so unfortunately we did not get to meet up that year.

2013- quite frankly I don't remember what our excuse was that year!

2014- we met up again at our new home- the girls really bonded and enjoyed partaking in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which was at its peak that year.  The girls performed it in English and French
Check them out here

 Last year, we just could not squeeze in our visit
but this year we did it up right again!

Sharon and Maya's visit 2016
Sharon and Maya actually came all the way up to St. Anselm to watch Diana and her team perform and then we all headed back to our house for food, WINE and more splash fun (Eva joined in this time as well!) 
Since I was away all weekend at cheer camp, Robby B really came through- he did the grocery shopping and prepared the BEST dinner for us.
He put out one hell of a cheese board 
and then served us marinated steak tips, Meditteranean Orzo Salad and a Peach Caprese Salad (Recipe coming soon)- Robby ROCKS! 

 and the best news of our day/night was that Sharon will be moving back home (Mass) next year- we cannot wait!  So excited to raise our girls together- we quickly learned that even continents apart, they are kindred spirits and so alike.  It was really something special to watch XOXOXO


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