Monday, August 22, 2016

Diana's 8th Birthday Party! (Watermelons and Waterslides)

It was Watermelons and Waterslides on Saturday as we celebrated Diana's 8th Birthday!

We had 40 screaming kids running around and getting soaked.  Even with all of the craziness, it was a blast.  My girlfriends decided to stay with me even after the official party was over and we toasted a great summer weekend.  The hubbies chilled on the back deck and we took over the kitchen.  My parents stayed for awhile and my mom was so excited when she proclaimed, "I LOVE these friends- they are so fun!"  

Our cake was designed again by the wonderful Karen Plant of Synfully Sweet Treats.  She is so so talented.

 Someone is very excited to be turning 8!

and she also made the most adorable cookies for us- watermelons and beach balls to go with our theme.  They were the favors for the kids!

Eight! How can that be?

This is the first time, ever, I kept things pretty simple by ordering pizza for the kids.  I had to put up some fun snacks too though.

I had fun putting together some apps for the parents too.  Along with the apps, we had wine, beer and the ever famous Watermelon Sangria.

Antipasto Salad

 Chicken, BBQ, Bacon Bites

Blueberry Cocktail Meatballs on Pretzel Sticks (yep still on that blueberry kick)

 Watermelon and Feta Bites

Veggies and Hummus (with an Octopus Centerpiece)

The kiddos had fun on the slide

and then haunted me to open presents ;)
We finished up with cake 

and then the after party of course ;)
We all had so much fun- Diana's birthday falls at the end of summer so we all like to celebrate the wonderful weather, the best time of year and the birthday of my crazy, spicy girl! Love you my baby bird


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