Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dear Diana (at 8 Years Old!)

 Dear Diana,

Today you are 8!  Eight!  Wow that's great!
In all seriousness I can't believe it!  Weren't you just being held up by the nurses in the delivery room?  When they held you up, I saw myself.  I saw Uncle Al and thought to myself, "wow!  This is what my daughter looks like."  What a surreal moment.  You quickly changed and became the spitting image of Dada.

You struggled the first year with acid reflux and different illnesses weekly- it was pure hell.  I worried about you constantly.  Parents always worry but we were extra worried because of your sicknesses.  You are a fighter though and you fought through it all.  You had the will!

Things changed when you could start solid food; you started sleeping through the night and became happier.

Once you turned 1, there was no looking back.  You became so active.  You loved gymnastics at Gym Ken and dance at Happy Feet.  We met some little friends and you all got along so well!  The mamas did too!

One of our favorite times was when you started at ECE.  I marched you right into that Cheer Gym and Coach Lisa Bocci took your hand, you never turned back.  We found your "home." She was wonderful and cheer was the perfect sport for you with all of your energy.

You started at Little Sprouts in Methuen on Mondays and Tuesdays and then we made the switch to Kiddie Academy in Windham when you turned 4.  It was a tough transition but you eventually pulled through.  You got to meet some kids you would be at Goldenbrook with!

You got the BEST kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Pappalardo- she was so warm and exactly who you needed.

You started cheering for the Windham Wolverines and loved it.  It was very social which made it fun.  
You then started doing the ECE Half Year competition team in the Winter.  What an amazing experience!

Through it all, you have been fun and energetic and very challenging, however, your teachers and principal have told us, you will be a "CEO."

When Eva joined our family, you had a tough time.  You were used to being the little princess; the one that everyone doted on- your parents, grandparents, siblings- everyone!  You have slowly seen, however, the gift we have given you. You would do anything for your sister and have also seen that she is your biggest fan.

You have worked very hard to catch up with math and you excel at reading.  You are curious and determined with endless energy- you will never give up.

You thrive with structure and we found that you found another calling this summer at Triple Threat Camp- dancing, acting and singing.  You were definitely bitten by the acting bug and we couldn't be more happy.  Mama and Daddy grew up in the theater and we love being able to share that passion with you now.  As a result, we are adding some additional dance classes and voice lessons to your fall routine.

I am so excited to see what third grade brings to you.  I know you will do great things.

Happy Birthday Monkey!

I love you my Baby Bird!

Love, Mama


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