Monday, August 8, 2016

Bad Moms!

So have you seen it?  I mean seriously?
I heard it was great.  I heard it was hysterical.  My mom said, "it got terrible reviews!"  You know what?
It is exactly what the doctor ordered.

You know the times when you laugh so hard and you think, "I really needed that! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  Laughing is such great therapy."

Yep...those times....all of the above!

How many of us beat ourselves up because we feel we are not being the best mom or we are not doing our jobs perfectly or we don't volunteer enough time at school?  It was so fun to watch the lead character Amy struggle through it all daily.  It made me feel like I was not alone and others moms go through the same craziness.  She raced to get the kids projects done and raced to get them to school and raced to the office to make sure she was on time and to make her contributions and then she would race to pick up the kids and get them to their practices and race to feed them dinner and then race to the PTA meeting where she was reminded that
The annual f...n PTA bake sale was upon her and she needed to make sure she contributed something WITHOUT
Milk this day and age this was so appropriate and I howled.

Another part that cracked me up was when Amy decided to run against Gwendolyn for the coveted role of PTA president.  Her friends wanted to encourage her but they also reminded her of how much of an uphill battle it would be.  They were going through the list of all of the mom groups Gwendolyn already had in her back pocket- I was howling.  

The Stay At Home Moms
The Cross Fit Moms
The Working Moms
The Juicing Moms (that one was my favorite)
The Cross Dressing Moms
and you get the picture....

and another part I howled at...that probably wasn't that that funny to most others, was Martha Stewart.  When Gwendolyn had her at her campaign party (because she gets the best of everything), I started to howl.  It just struck me so funny.  Then I really laughed, when she made her way over to Amy's party with her vodka jello shots.  I especially loved that she said, she started her day with 8 of them- hysterical!

 The movie wrapped up with everything working out (and I know sometimes that is unrealistic but I love when everything works out).  The message I was left with is that we all do the best we can and instead of judging each other, we need to celebrate each other and above all else, love our kids and make sure they turn out to be GREAT!

I enjoyed a girls night out with some of my besties.  We met for dinner and cocktails beforehand and started laughing....

 and when we got to the theater, we laughed a bit more as we purchased our "Mamakazis" in our signature Bad Moms cocktail shakers

and then we laughed throughout the movie
and even laughed on the way home thanks to Karen's stories of course.

I highly recommend Bad Moms.  Go see it with your girls.  It will really make you feel better and show you that we are all fighting the same fight!


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