Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Papa Pete's 75th Birthday!

Well this is an overdue post.  If you have been reading for awhile you know that August is our CRAZY month! 

With putting together Diana's big "Watermelons and Waterslides" 8th Birthday bash, I was a bit consumed.  Along with that and working and coaching cheer, I have my hands full.

We are never too busy, though, to stop and celebrate our family.  We celebrated my Dad last Friday night. 

My Dad turned 75- 75- I can't believe it.  He really does not look close to that age.  What do you think?
 My Dad?  He's the bomb :)

We started with dinner at Al Fresca in Tewksbury- it is a great little Italian restaurant.  Dad enjoyed his martini with blue cheese stuffed olives of course.  My girls enjoyed Papa (and the bread basket)

 My rents

 After dinner, we went to one of my faves, Black Water Grill in Salem NH
Rob plays there on Friday nights (well about 2 Fridays/month) so we went to watch him for a bit and have my Dad's birthday cake.
We had a BALL and it was Eva's first time seeing Daddy sing with his guitar. She was so excited that she wanted to get up and sing with him.  So she ran up to the microphone, jumped into his arms and sang the Oompa Loompa song from Willy Wonka- the crowd went wild.  It was hysterical and I will never forget it.  Uncle Matt captured some of it on video- enjoy!

Can you stand it?
We then sang Happy Birthday- the kids LOVED Papa's cake.

Happy Birthday Dad!  What a fun night.  
You never cease to amaze me!


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