Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weekly Gratitude

I have not posted about my gratitude in about a month...this is a long overdue post...I never forget to be grateful and thankful.....these posts just remind me to make a conscious effort to think about my blessings and to share them in hopes of inspiring others to look around and be thankful as well...

I am thankful for finding passages like the one above to remind me what really comforting knowing it is just between me and the big guy

Along the same lines, I am grateful for a friend who shared her Faith to Faith book with me...finding daily refreshing

I am thankful for the heat...sounds crazy I know....but I SO PREFER this hot summer over any cold...snowy...icy winter....ANY DAY....ha ha!!!!

I am thankful for the time alone I got last was time to clear my head...truly relax and think

I am also thankful for all of the quality time we got to share with friends over the long weekend

I am thankful for this summer....LOVE


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