Friday, July 12, 2013

The Pioneer Woman's Fig-Prosciutto Pizza with Arugula

So...are you familiar with the Pioneer Woman yet?

There she is Ree Drummond.....I first learned about her through the blogging world.  Mel, my favorite blogger, wrote about her and posted when she met her and went to one of her book signings.  I would peruse her blog and enjoyed it from time to time.  I then started occasionally watching her show on the Food Network.  She has truly become a star...and it all started with a little blog ;)

On Wednesday night, I decided to try my first "Pioneer Woman" recipe and Ally jumped in to help me...we had a blast!

We made her Fig-Prosciutto Pizza with Arugula
See her post HERE(I can't compare but you will get the idea)

Here is our work in progress *throwing out a disclaimer..I did not make my dough from scratch...took a short cut and used the store bought ball o' dough to get started
Once you roll your dough out, you spread fig preserves all over the bad boy

Then you slice fresh mozzarella and place it on top of the preserves

You then pop it in the oven on 425-450 for 10-12 minutes

Ally, my "Sous Chef" gets cracking on shredding fresh parm for the final step of the process

While that is baking, I remember that I really need to please the gents and The Monk in the house...Ally and I will enjoy this masterpiece but we need to go a more traditional route for everyone I get to work on some margherita and traditional pizzas

First step is to chop fresh basil off my deck (LOVE)

Next is to grab the camera and take some semi-artistic shots...ha ha!!!!

Then it was time to grab the pre-made pizza crusts (yeah yeah another short cut)
Cover them in organic tomato basil sauce and fresh mozzarella...and of course our basil

then it is time to throw them on the love the grill don't they?

While those got all toasty, Ally and I pulled the PW's pizza out of the oven and finished it off

First you put chunks of prosciutto all over the top

Then you top it with fresh arugula and of course, Ally's magic shaved parm ;)

A true masterpiece

Here is what the "traditional" grilled pizzas looked like

Zach sampled right away...even before Rob walked in the door.....

Yes he is drenched because ALL WEEK we have had and sunniness and THEN major downpours...or I am still not complaining because I would take it any day over the snow in the winter!!

Exhibit A

After dinner.....there may have been a few rounds of patty cakes and Miss Mary Mack....priceless....precious

and my newest me :)


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