Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Scenes from Another Great Summer Weekend


1st Big Girl Bike....such mixed emotions :/

*There is a picture of my grandmother with her beloved bike that I grew up staring at.  She would regale me with tails about the happiest time in her life, in her prime as she put it, when she would ride all over God's creation on her bike.  Getting this "retro" beach cruiser, I felt the need to have my picture taken.  I need to find that picture of my grandmother because I feel that she inspired me to get this get more exercise and again, to appreciate the beauty in every day life*


Nicole said...

I love riding my bike... as an adult. It's almost like life slows down and I'm able to appreciate much more while riding. Plus I'm getting exercise. I stopped by from InstaFriday but had to keep reading :)

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