Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Gratitutde

So...I am part of this really cool blogging community now. It truly is the wave of the future. There are some nay-sayers in my life like those who snicker, however, doesn't everyone encounter those little annoyances?

Anywho...I have met some of the coolest and most wonderful people because of this blog.

I am getting this idea from one of my loyal blog followers and that is to share my gratitude and thankfulness on a weekly basis.

What were you grateful for this week?

This week, I was thankful for:

My husband coming home to us safely after a wonderful business trip to Las the midst of a snow storm when most flights were cancelled and delayed at best! (yes prayers work)

My stepson Zack and my stepdaughter Allison and all of the help and support they provided me while Rob was away (especially since it was also tech week for my show and I was at rehearsal every night)

My father-in-law who checked on me constantly and plowed out our driveway after our HUGE snowstorm

Diana starting to ask to go potty more and more and successfully doing so multiple times daily!

My awesome bosses who were flexible with me this week and very supportive of my return to the stage

The AWESOME head shots my hubby took for our cast!

and for the help from new Windham friends...quick costume changes...taping of the body mikes, etc...and for my wonderful stage partner Jonathan...You're The Top...let's bring the house down tonight!


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