Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thanksgiving 911

So we are doing something very different this year for Thanksgiving and I cannot wait to share that with all of you.

Until I can spill the beans, what I will say, is that my responsibility for the actual day is a few traditional sides and drinks. Very easy.

My biggest responsibility however is the night before! I am responsible for the cocktail party on Thanksgiving eve- it will be all about festive appetizers and drinks. I have the drinks down of course! I will be doing caramel apple martinis (the apple cider version with a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass), J Lohr Cab and champagne

I also have a few appetizers in mind from some of my favorite chefs from Food Network but I need a few more and a few finger desserts would be terrific too.

Can you help? I would love to hear some suggestions and get your recipes!!!!

Thanks friends :)


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